A Robust, Scalable and Affordable Data Center seamlessly integrated with Client WAN Network has been a Key requirement for the Enterprises for their Business Continuity. Most service providers either provide a Quality Data Center service or have expertise in providing WAN and connectivity solutions. At Infynix we excel in providing Converged Telecom and IT services.

With 100+ years of cumulative Experience among the Leadership team in Data Center, Telecom and IT Services we understand the need of the Enterprises. At Infynix we have built Solutions that can cater to the need of Enterprises for Business and IT continuity from a single roof.

We are currently operational in India in NCR , Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai and soon will be expanding to many other cities for our Integrated Offerings. In addition we have presence in Singapore and Bahrain.


To provide the Best Value Proposition to our Customers through State of Art Technology solutions, delivering highest Quality and SLAs Standard and being the most Cost effective trusted partner.



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